Big Data / AI


Whether your business has generated a lot of data throughout the time or you have access to a data set that can generate key insights (Ex: What people say about you on social media), we can help you process it to deliver meaningful analytics & insights.

Our expertise areas

Data extraction
Data scraping, data pipelines, data storage/data lake (Hadoop, Big Query, AWS & Google cloud technologies integration)
Data analysis
Data modeling (Tensor flow), Google cloud APIs integration (sentiment analysis, object detection, color detection, keywords extraction, trends, etc.)
Data visualization
Tableau & Power BI integration, custom dashboards and visualizations design & development
Data applications
ETL integrations, social listening tools development, insights engine and Artificial intelligence (AI) applications

Our work

Fashion AI

This specialized product for clothing store help you identify key attributes of a fashion item within seconds. Using these attributes you can generate meaningful, search optimized product names and descriptions

Business Impact

  • Products have better visibility and ranking in Google. Drive more relevant users to the site
  • Users can easily find products by wide variety of relevant keywords and filters
  • More likely to purchase when they find the exact match
  • Reduce time to market - automate a significant part of data entry for your product catalog

One of our clients with a digital presence had the challenge of analyzing content submitted by users about their brand. This content came in the form of Twitter posts, Instagram posts, online reviews, reviews on their own site, and internal research

What we developed

  • Sentiment analysis of user feedback
  • Object identifications of images
  • Gender identification based on name
  • Social media feed analysis & AI insights

Our work

Brand analytics & insights AI

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